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for vans, alcove, fully and semi-integrated vehicles

Thermal window mat LUX

The one-piece HINDERMANN thermal window mats LUX provide both ideal heat insulation for winter travels and effective protection against the sun’s rays for the summertime. When used in winter, outer insulation increases the surface temperature on the inner side of the panes, thereby considerably reducing the risk of condensation forming inside the vehicle.

If the window mat is closed over in summer, the sun’s rays won’t get through the glass pane in the first place, meaning the interior will not heat up so easily. In beautiful sunny winter weather the front flap can be opened, allowing the sunshine to additionally heat up the interior, saving the camper energy costs.

Thermal window mat LUX
Thermal window mat LUX

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Pull straps

easy to open

Pull straps

The window mat can be easily opened with the pull straps.

(en) Klettband

additional stability

Velcro strips

When the front flap is open, the transversely attached Velcro strips provide additional stability.

Velcro strips

(en) Klettleisten

Velcro strips

simple but effective

Velcro strips

Lets the light back in: the thermal window mat can easily be opened along the practical Velcro strips.

(en) Abspannlaschen

protects paintwork as well

Lashing flap

There are four lashing flaps with plastic eyelets along the bottom edge. They provide additional protection against friction on paint.

Lashing flap

(en) Spiegelausschnitt

Cut out for side-view mirror

fits perfectly

Cut out for side-view mirror

The thermal window mat is tailored to fit perfectly and leaves side-view mirrors free.

(en) Abgedeckte Lüftungsschlitze

prevents cold drafts

Covered ventilation

Covered ventilation slots ensure that cold drafts remain outside.
(for Fiat Ducato Model 290, 2014 onwards)

(en) Screen-Einsatz

Screen insert


Screen insert

We offer a detachable screen insert as a practical optional accessory.

(en) Türtasche

simply pull it over

Door bag

In both door areas there are inside pockets which are simply hung up on the door edges.

Door bag

(en) Kederschiene

Snap fasteners, keder track

optional and practical

Snap fasteners, keder track

In integrated vehicles, the insulation mat is attached on the driver’s side with an inside pocket and on the passenger side either with LOXX press studs (included) or a keder track (not included). Instead, a textile keder is attached along the top edge and a separate second one with broad Velcro fastening is included in delivery.

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • available for fully and semi-integrated vehicles
  • protection from the cold
  • lightweight and custom fit
  • on request with LUX DUO bottom section
  • outward view is possible when front is open
  • approx. 20 mm black insulation for keeping light out and protecting against high heat. Saves heating costs
  • with pull straps for easy opening
  • optional detachable screen insert

(en) Screen Einsatz

Screen insert

practical accessory

Screen insert

For a variety of models, HINDERMANN offers a removable screen insert as an optional practical accessory.

Item no. 7930-SC-8383

Screen insert

(en) LOXX Druckknöpfe

LOXX safety press stud

5 LOXX press studs, 8 rubber tensioners and 230 cm of Velcro tape. For attaching the LUX thermal window mat to integrated motorhomes.

Available as a replacement set.

LOXX safety press stud
LOXX safety press stud

(en) Artikeltabelle Thermofenstermatte LUX

HINDERMANN thermal window mat LUX
for vans, alcove vehicles and semi-integrated vehicles
vehicleitem no.
Fiat Ducato model 230 (1994 onwards)7370-2410 / 2
Fiat Ducato model 244 (2002 onwards)7370-2410 / 2
Citroёn Jumper I7370-2410 / 2
Peugeot Boxer I7370-2410 / 2
Fiat Ducato model 250 (2007 onwards) 7371-2410 / 2
Fiat Ducato model 290 (2014 onwards)7371-2410 / 2
Citroёn Jumper II7371-2410 / 2
Peugeot Boxer II7371-2410 / 2
VW T5 / T67373-2410 / 2
VW Crafter 2017 onwards7376-2410 / 2
MAN TGE 2018 onwards7376-2410 / 2
MB Sprinter 2007 – 2017 (W906)7374-2410 / 2
MB Sprinter 2018 onwards (W907/W910)7378-2410 / 2
Ford Transit 2014 onwards (7)7377-2410 / 2
Ford Transit 2006 - 2013 (6)7379-2410 / 2
Renault Master 2010 onwards III7375-2410 / 2

(en) 7370-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte (Fiat 230)

(en) 7370-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte (Fiat 244)

(en) 7370-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte (Citroen I)

(en) 7370-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte (Peugeot I)

(en) 7371-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte (Fiat 250)

(en) 7371-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte (Fiat 290)

(en) 7371-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte (Citroen II)

(en) 7371-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte (Peugeot II)

(en) 7373-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7376-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte (VW)

(en) 7376-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte (MAN TGE)

(en) 7374-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7378-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7377-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7379-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7375-2410 / 2 Thermofenstermatte

(en) Artikeltabelle Thermofenstermatte LUX-1

HINDERMANN thermal window mat LUX
for fully-integrated vehicles
vehicleitem no.
Adria Sonic7385-2410
Bürstner Viseo 2014 onwards (220 cm, mirrors above)7365-2410
Carthago compactline 2013 onwards7393-2410
Carthago c-line / c-tourer 2010 onwards7382-2410
Carthago e-line 2010 onwards7383-2410
Dethleffs Esprit 2010 - 2016, Advantage June 2013 - 2016, Globetrotter 2015 - 20167364-2410
Dethleffs Globebus 2012 - 20137352-2410
Eura Integra Line / Line LS7339-2410
Hymer Exsis 2008 onwards7363-2410
Hymer Exsis-I 2012 onwards7318-2410
Hymer Exsis-I 2018 onwards7343-2410
Hymer ML-I 2015 onwards7313-2410
Itineo 2012 onwards7315-2410
Laika Kreos 6-80007351-2410
LMC / TEC Explorer 1 20107367-2410
LMC Explorer from 20127387-2410
MC-Louis “Nevis” 2012 onwards, identical to Elnagh Magnum (mirrors below), until 20167388-2410
Mobilvetta Yacht 2012 - 2015 (mirrors above)7388-2410
Pilote Aventura / Explorateur / Rèfèrence 2009 onwards7354-2410
Pilote Aventura / Explorateur / Rèfèrence 2014 - 2016 (mirrors above)7314-2410
Rapido Serie 8F / 80 DF7390-2410
Rapido Serie Distinction 2017 onwards7344-2410
Rapido Serie 9F / 90F 2004 - 20107360-2410
Rapido Serie 9F / 90F / 10F 2011 onwards (mirrors above)7380-2410
Rapido Serie M 2020 onwards7346-2410

(en) 7385-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7365-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7393-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7382-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7383-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7364-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7352-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7339-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7363-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7318-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7343-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7313-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7315-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7351-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7367-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7387-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7388-2410 Thermofenstermatte (MC-Louis)

(en) 7388-2410 Thermofenstermatte (Mobilvetta)

(en) 7354-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7314-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7390-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7344-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7360-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7380-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7346-2410 Thermofenstermatte

(en) Artikeltabelle LOXX

Replacement set
included in deliveryitem no.
5 LOXX press studs,
8 rubber tensions,
230 cm of Velcro tape

(en) 8950-0000

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