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tight connection

LOXX press studs

Attach securely and easily open again. The clever security snap fastener with a flexible interior is suitable for almost all applications and can withstand the strongest loads. To attach, push the top on the bottom part, to unlock simply pull the top off (Made in Germany).

Glue or screw? Plate and screw give you the choice!

LOXX press studs LOXX-Druckknöpfe für Wohnmobil, Van, Wohnwagen | HINDERMANN

(en) Innenbereich

Interior LOXX-Druckknöpfe für Wohnmobil, Van, Wohnwagen | HINDERMANN

securely fastened


Material and film from pockets, bags or dividers can be attached between the included plate and the top part of the snap. The storage bag stays secure in place in its usual spot in the rear garage. Attached just as quickly as it is unfastened again.

(en) Außenbereich

universally attached


All the better, when you can depend on secure fastening in wind and weather. That’s why we rely on a combination of LOXX press studs and rubber tensioners to attach our HINDERMANN thermal window mat.

Exterior LOXX-Druckknöpfe für Wohnmobil, Van, Wohnwagen | HINDERMANN

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LOXX press studs
contentitem no.
1 pack / 5 LOXX units8951-0000
1 pack / 5 LOXX units8952-0000

(en) 8951-0000

(en) 8952-0000

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