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made of Tyvek®

Front tarpaulin SUPRA universal

The HINDERMANN front tarpaulin SUPRA universal is easy to attach: simply hooked into the rear-view mirror and tensioned. Rubber tensioners are included in delivery (no screws or drilling).

Without insulation.

Front tarpaulin SUPRA universal
Front tarpaulin SUPRA universal

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This tear-resistant, durable HINDERMANN front tarpaulin SUPRA universal made of TYVEK® can lie directly on top of the vehicle’s surface and remains breathable even in snowy conditions. In addition, it can be washed and is recyclable.

(en) Gummizug

quickly attached

Elastic band

Simply attach hooks and it’s done: A rubber tensioner is built in along the top edge of the thermal protection mat. To attach, lay it over the rear-view mirror and hook it into the eyelets of the side lashing cords.

Elastic band

(en) Abspannlaschen

Lashing flap

protects paintwork as well

Lashing flap

There are lashing flaps with plastic eyelets along the bottom edge. They provide additional protection against friction on paint.

(en) LOXX-Druckknöpfe

clever alternative

LOXX press studs

In vehicles without rear-view mirrors situated at the top, the rubber tensioner’s locking hooks can be attached to the LOXX snap fasteners. To do this, glue (or screw) the bottom fastener parts to the vehicle. To attach without tensioners, mount the upper snap fastener parts onto the sun protection mat.

LOXX press studs
LOXX press studs

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everything at a glance


  • breathable, durable, water-resistant
  • light, pliable and washable at 30 °C
  • protects from sun, rain, snow and dirt
  • prevents fading and protects rubber sealing
  • simply hang on rear-view mirrors and tighten
  • alternative fastening with LOXX security snaps (vehicles without rear-view mirrors)
  • Tensioners not included in delivery
  • seals tightly
  • available for different vehicle models

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HINDERMANN front tarpaulin SUPRA universal (made of Tyvek®)
for integrated motorhomes (no mirror slot, does not cover side windows)
sizecoloritem no.
approx. 240 cm-highgray7001-5440

(en) 7001-5440

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LOXX safety press studs
contentitem no.
1 pack / 2 units8951-0000

(en) 8951-0000

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