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heat protection for your tires

Wheel protection cover REFLEX

Small travel accessory with a big impact: Thanks to its reflecting front side, HINDERMANN’s wheel protection cover REFLEX protects against intensive sun rays, reduces heat build-up in tires and prevents early aging of rubber and tire body. Due to its three-dimensional form, the protective cover seals off the tread and the front completely, cannot slip and can be installed in a flash. Universal sizes for automobiles, motorhomes and RVs.

Wheel protection cover REFLEX Radschutzhülle REFLEX Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen, PKW | HINDERMANN

(en) Keder

Keder Radschutzhülle REFLEX Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen, PKW | HINDERMANN

additional support


The integrated keder provides shape and support.

(en) Bodenbefestigung

reinforced eyelets

Fastened to the ground

Reinforced eyelets allow skirting to be fastened with ground stakes.

Fastened to the ground Radschutzhülle REFLEX Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen, PKW | HINDERMANN

(En) Tandemachser

Tandem axle Radschutzhülle REFLEX Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen, PKW | HINDERMANN

Simply slip it on

Tandem axle

The cover rests on the tread and cannot fall off.

155 cm-long
Alu / dark gray

Item no. 8196-7410

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • protects tires from sun rays
  • three-dimensional, tread and front completely covered
  • built-in eyelets for ground stakes
Advantages Radschutzhülle REFLEX Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen, PKW | HINDERMANN

(en) Artikeltabelle

HINDERMANN wheel protection cover REFLEX
for cars, caravans and mobile homes
cover dimensions (WxD)sizecolor combinationitem no.
63,5 / 18,5 cme.g. 14“alu / dark gray8190-7410
66,5 / 21,5 cme.g. MH 15“, 215 / 70 / R15alu / dark gray8191-7410
69 / 22,5 cme.g. MH 16“, 235 / 75 / R16alu / dark gray8192-7410
74 / 22,5 cme.g. MH 17“, 225 / 75 / R17alu / dark gray8193-7410
up to Ø 78 cme.g. SUVsalu / darl gray8194-7410
145 cm-longtandem axlealu / darl gray8195-7410
155 cm-longtandem axlealu / dark gray8196-7410

(en) 8190-7410

(en) 8191-7410

(en) 8192-7410

(en) 8193-7410

(en) 8194-7410

(en) 8195-7410

(en) 8196-7410

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