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Spare wheel cover

Under the cover made of high-quality imitation leather upholstery, the spare tire and wheel rim are well protected against dirt and sun rays. For use outside the vehicle, the black protective cover is UV-stabilized. In the storage space and rear garage, the spare wheel is protected during loading and unloading. The built-in strong elastic band helps while pulling cover over and provides a secure hold. Universal fit in a variety of sizes for the individual vehicle.

Spare wheel cover
Spare wheel cover

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Elastic band

holds securely

Elastic band

The built-in, strong elastic band makes covering easy and guarantees a secure hold.

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everything at a glance


  • protective cover for spare tire and wheel rim
  • protects against dirt and sun rays
  • black, moisture-compatible imitation leather
  • specially UV-stabilized
  • built-in elastic band for secure hold
  • different sizes, universal fit

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HINDERMANN spare wheel cover
made of high quality imitation leather
cover dimensionssizeitem no.
Ø 58 cme.g. 13“8483-3360
Ø 63 cme.g. 14“8484-3360
Ø 69 cme.g. 15“8485-3360
Ø 74 cme.g. 16“8486-3360
Ø 80 cme.g. 17“8487-3360

(en) 8483-3360

(en) 8484-3360

(en) 8485-3360

(en) 8486-3360

(en) 8487-3360

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