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living comfort under awning

Magnetic wind guard

HINDERMANN’s magnetic wind guard slows down unpleasant drafts under the camper van reducing cold at your feet in the sitting area in front of the vehicle. The winterproof, fabric-enforced tarpaulin fits universally, is available in three sizes and can be shortened to the desired length.

Special model for Ducato.

Magnetic wind guard Magnetwindblende für Van, Campingbus, Kastenwagen | HINDERMANN

(en) Magnetbefestigung

Magnetic attachment Magnetwindblende für Van, Campingbus, Kastenwagen | HINDERMANN

welded and watertight

Magnetic attachment

The wind guard attaches to the bottom edge of the vehicle body. Thanks to strong magnets that are welded into the tarpaulin to be watertight, the wind guard attaches instantly to the vehicle.

(en) Stufenaussparung

specially for Ducato

Opening for steps

Sizes 7 and 8 are manufactured specifically for the Fiat Ducato. There is a 70 cm wide opening for steps.

Opening for steps Magnetwindblende für Van, Campingbus, Kastenwagen | HINDERMANN

(en) Bodenbefestigung

Fastened to the ground Magnetwindblende für Van, Campingbus, Kastenwagen | HINDERMANN

reinforced eyelets

Fastened to the ground

Reinforced eyelets allow skirting to be fastened to the ground with ground stakes.

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • efficient protection against drafts
  • simple, easy installation with welded-in magnets
  • fabric-enforced, winterproof tarpaulin material
  • reinforced PVC eyelets for fastening to the ground
  • universal size, can be trimmed with scissors
  • universal fit (sizes 1- 3)
  • perfect fit for Fiat Ducato (size 7/8) with opening for steps
Advantages Magnetwindblende für Van, Campingbus, Kastenwagen | HINDERMANN

(en) Artikeltabelle

HINDERMANN magnetic wind guard
for camper vans
size (approx.)magnetsstep recessitem no.
size 1, 220 cm-long4 unitswithout7482-4440
size 2, 295 cm-long5 unitswithout7483-4440
size 3, 345 cm-long6 unitswithout7484-4440
size 7, 260 cm-long6 unitswith7582-4440
size 8, 295 cm-long7 unitswith7583-4440

(en) 7482-4440

(en) 7483-4440

(en) 7484-4440

(en) 7582-4440

(en) 7583-4440

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