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extra storage space - dry and clean

Caravan cellar

Added storage space under the caravan thanks to secure and watertight storage pockets welded to the floor skirt. A double zipper allows for convenient access. Cross ventilation is built into every pocket to prevent condensation.

Use the HINDERMANN caravan cellar pocket under your vehicle as a cool and hygienic storage space for food, drinks, toys or other things like shoes and boots.

Because the textile fastening keder is welded on, the skirt can be cut to size from either end using a robust pair of scissors.

Caravan cellar

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Storage pockets

a neat solution

Storage pockets

Added storage space for many things, dry and clean.

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practical and sturdy

Double zipper

A concealed double zipper allows easy access.

Double zipper

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Cross ventilation

fresh air exchange

Cross ventilation

Cross ventilation is built into every pocket to prevent condensation.

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reinforced eyelets

Fastened to the ground

Reinforced eyelets allow skirting to be fastened to the ground with ground stakes.

Fastened to the ground

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added comfort


The double zipper can be locked if needed.

Lock not included.

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everything at a glance


  • compatible with HINDERMANN customized covers and the HINDERMANN wheel area cover STANDARD
  • winterproof quality
  • included textile keder
  • adaptable with scissors
  • reinforced PVC eyelets for ground stakes
  • size of each pocket: approx. 80×35×35 cm (W x D x L)
  • skirt height: 50 cm
  • keder thickness: 7 mm

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Wheel arch cover

practical accessory

Wheel arch cover

Standard wheel arch cover with
connecting profile, 150cm-long

Wheel arch cover

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practical accessory

Fitted cover

Full wheel arch cover,
for tandem- or single-axles

Fitted cover
Fitted cover

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HINDERMANN caravan cellar
individually combinable
item namesizepocketsitem no.
short unit100 x 50 cm17216-4440
basic unit200 x 50 cm17400-4440
basic unit250 × 50 cm17401-4440
caravan cellar400 × 50 cm27404-4440
caravan cellar500 × 50 cm27406-4440
caravan cellar550 × 50 cm27408-4440
caravan cellar600 × 50 cm27410-4440

(en) 7216-4440

(en) 7400-4440

(en) 7401-4440

(en) 7404-4440

(en) 7406-4440

(en) 7408-4440

(en) 7410-4440

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