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for motorhomes

Thermal tarpaulin LUX

The HINDERMANN thermal tarpaulin LUX with integrated 10 mm polyester insulation keeps the front or rear of caravans free of ice and snow and prevents drafts. With draw cord fastening system and eyelets along the lower edge for tensioning.

Rubber tensioners are included in delivery.

Thermal tarpaulin LUX Thermoschutzplane LUX für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

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Lashing flap Thermoschutzplane LUX für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

including surface protection

Lashing flap

To protect surfaces from friction, there are small protective flaps attached.

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  • protection against cold/noise/scratches
  • blocks out light also at the sides
  • protects against bird droppings or tree sap
Advantages Thermoschutzplane LUX für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

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HINDERMANN thermal tarpaulin LUX
for motorhomes
size (WxH)item no.
180 × 150 cm8986-2410
200 × 150 cm8987-2410
220 × 150 cm8982-2410
240 × 150 cm8988-2410

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(en) 8987-2410

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