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for caravan windows

Thermal mat FOUR SEASONS

HINDERMANN’s high-quality thermal mat FOUR SEASONS made of robust thermal film is a long-lasting friend for every motorhome enthusiast, because it offers efficient protection from cold, sun and heat. Bordered with silver-gray polyester binding, it additionally features a built-in textile welt (Ø 7 mm) at the top, which can simply be slid into the welt track for universal fastening, ensuring a tight seal to the motorhome’s roof.

The rounded edges at the bottom can be attached via snap fasteners or rubber tensioners.

Thermal mat FOUR SEASONS Thermomatte FOUR SEASONS für Wohnwagenfenster | HINDERMANN

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Lashing flap Thermomatte FOUR SEASONS für Wohnwagenfenster | HINDERMANN

including surface protection

Lashing flap

To protect surfaces from friction, there are small protective flaps attached.

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functional design

Rolls up

For easy storage, thermal mat can be rolled up.

Rolls up Thermomatte FOUR SEASONS für Wohnwagenfenster | HINDERMANN

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everything at a glance


  • protection against cold/scratches
  • blocks out light
  • protects against bird droppings or tree sap
Advantages Thermomatte FOUR SEASONS für Wohnwagenfenster | HINDERMANN

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for caravan windows
universal sizeitem no.
70 × 74 cm8448-7405
90 × 55 cm8439-7405
110 × 55 cm8438-7405
110 × 74 cm8440-7405
130 × 74 cm8441-7405
140 × 74 cm8442-7405
150 × 55 cm8449-7405
160 × 74 cm8443-7405
170 × 74 cm8444-7405
180 × 80 cm8445-7405
190 × 80 cm8446-7405
200 × 100 cm8447-7405

(en) 8448-7405

(en) 8439-7405

(en) 8438-7405

(en) 8440-7405

(en) 8441-7405

(en) 8442-7405

(en) 8449-7405

(en) 8443-7405

(en) 8444-7405

(en) 8445-7405

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(en) 8447-7405

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