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increased living comfort in van thanks to efficient heat insulation along with convenient access

Sliding door insulation PREMIO

The HINDERMANN sliding door insulation PREMIO is custom-made to fit the door opening of the Fiat Ducato model 250 / 290 (models from 2007 onwards, high door opening version) – universally compatible with most individual vehicle manufacturers’ configurations and fit-outs.

Sliding door insulation PREMIO
Sliding door insulation PREMIO

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Door opening


Door opening

The thermal curtain comes with a shoulder-wide access. The flexible door moulds itself to the B-column at its edges; tabs at the top and the bottom ensure a tight seal. The thermal curtain can also be used with the insect curtain installed.

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easy handling


The sliding door insulation can be folded to save space when in storage.


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needs little space when tucked away


Folded together in the compartment above the driver’s cab, the thermal curtain is always close at hand.

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everything at a glance


  • efficient insulation, protects against loss of heat or cool air
  • aluminum-coated polyester outside, polyester velour inside
  • cozy design, easy to clean
  • tightly sealed, can also remain mounted when door is closed.
  • quick handling, fastened with a few snaps
  • foldable, space-saving storage

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HINDERMANN sliding door insulation PREMIO
universal size H2, high door opening, with fly-screen door
vehiclecoloritem no.
Fiat Ducato model 250 (2007 onwards) light gray8421-7430
Fiat Ducato model 290 (2014 onwards)light gray8421-7430
Citroёn Jumper IIlight gray8421-7430
Peugeot Boxer IIlight gray8421-7430

(en) 8421-7430 (Fiat 250)

(en) 8421-7430 (Fiat 290)

(en) 8421-7430 (Citroen II)

(en) 8421-7430 (Peugeot II)

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