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for HINDERMANN thermal window mat LUX

Screen insert

For a variety of models, HINDERMANN offers a removable screen insert as an optional practical accessory.

Screen insert  Screen Einsatz für Thermofenstermatte LUX | HINDERMANN
Screen insert  Screen Einsatz für Thermofenstermatte LUX | HINDERMANN

(en) Blickschutz von außen

Protected from unwanted views Screen Einsatz für Thermofenstermatte LUX | HINDERMANN

more privacy

Protected from unwanted views

The screen insert acts as a means of protection against the sun and as a privacy filter from the outside. It reduces heat and improves the indoor climate at the same time.

(en) freier Ausblick

everything in sight

Unobstructed view to the outside

This thermal protection guarantees more privacy by blocking unwanted views in, while allowing an unobstructed view to the outside.

Unobstructed view to the outside Screen Einsatz für Thermofenstermatte LUX | HINDERMANN

(en) komfortabel

Comfortable Screen Einsatz für Thermofenstermatte LUX | HINDERMANN

easy handling


The screen insert can also be kept in place when the mat is closed.

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • sun and privacy protection
  • unobstructed view to the outside
  • increases privacy
  • reduces heat buildup
  • improves indoor climate
Advantages Screen Einsatz für Thermofenstermatte LUX | HINDERMANN

(en) Artikeltabelle Thermofenstermatte Screen-Einsatz

Screen insert HINDERMANN thermal window mat LUX
for vans, semi-integrated vehicles and alcove vehicles
vehicleitem no.
Fiat Ducato model 230 (1994 onwards)7930-SC-8383
Fiat Ducato model 244 (2002 onwards)7930-SC-8383
Citroёn Jumper I7930-SC-8383
Peugeot Boxer I7930-SC-8383
Fiat Ducato model 250 (2007 onwards) 7931-SC-8383
Fiat Ducato model 290 (2014 onwards)7931-SC-8383
Citroёn Jumper II7931-SC-8383
Peugeot Boxer II7931-SC-8383
VW T5 / T67933-SC-8383
VW Crafter 2017 onwards 7936-SC-8383
MAN TGE 2018 onwards 7936-SC-8383
MB Sprinter 2007 – 2017 (W906)7934-SC-8383
MB Sprinter 2018 onwards (W907/W910)7938-SC-8383
Ford Transit 2006 - 2013 (6)7979-SC-8383
Ford Transit 2014 onwards7937-SC-8383
Renault Master 2010 onwards III7935-SC-8383

(en) 7930-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (Fiat 230)

(en) 7930-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (Fiat 244)

(en) 7930-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (Citroen I)

(en) 7930-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (Peugeot I)

(en) 7931-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (Fiat 250)

(en) 7931-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (Fiat 290)

(en) 7931-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (Citroen II)

(en) 7931-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (Peugeot II)

(En) 7933-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7936-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (VW)

(en) 7936-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (MAN TGE)

(en) 7934-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7938-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7979-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7937-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7935-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) Artikeltabelle Thermofenstermatte Screen-Einsatz

Thermal window mat
screen insert for integrated vehicles
vehicleitem no.
Adria Sonic7385-SC-8383
Bürstner Viseo up to 2013 Aviano / Elegance 2010 onwards7355-SC-8383
Bürstner Viseo up to 2013 Aviano / Elegance 2010 onwards7355-SC-8383
Bürstner Viseo 2014 onwards (220 cm, mirrors above)7365-SC-8383
Bürstner IXEO I 2018 onwards7340-SC-8383
Bürstner LYSEO 2018 onwards7341-SC-8383
Carthago compactline 2013 onwards7393-SC-8383
Carthago c-line / c-tourer 2010 onwards7382-SC-8383
Carthago c-line / c-tourer 2013 onwards7391-SC-8383
Carthago c-line / c-tourer / Malibu I 2015 onwards7399-SC-8383
Carthago e-line 2010 onwards7383-SC-8383
Carthago e-line 2013 onwards7392-SC-8383
Carthago e-line 2013 onwards7392-SC-8383
Eura Integra Line / Line LS7339-SC-8383
Hymer B-Class SL 2008 - 2010 / 20137356-SC-8383
Hymer B-SL 2011/2015 - 2017 + B-Class 2014 onwards7384-SC-8383
Hymer B-Class SL 2018 onwards7342-SC-8383
Hymer B Class Starlight 2011 onwards7381-SC-8383
Hymer B-Class Dynamic Line 2016 onwards7311-SC-8383
Hymer B-Class Starline 2012 onwards7386-SC-8383
Hymer B-Class MC Modern Comfort 2018 onwards7333-SC-8383
Hymer B-Class ML Masterline 2019 onwards7334-SC-8383
Hymer Exsis 2008 onwards7363-SC-8383
Hymer Exsis-I 2012 onwards7318-SC-8383
Hymer Exsis-I 2018 onwards7343-SC-8383
Hymer ML-I 2015 onwards7313-SC-8383
Itineo 2012 onwards7315-SC-8383
Knaus SKY I (Typ R04)7389-SC-8383
Knaus SUN I (Typ R03)7350-SC-8383
Knaus VAN I (Typ R18)7319-SC-8383
Laika Kreos 6-80007351-SC-8383
LMC / TEC Explorer 1 20107367-SC-8383
LMC Explorer from 20127387-SC-8383
MC-Louis “Nevis” 2012 onwards, identical to Elnagh Magnum (mirrors below), until 20167388-SC-8383
Mobilvetta Yacht 2012 - 2015 (mirrors above)7388-SC-8383
Pilote Aventura / Explorateur / Rèfèrence 2009 onwards7354-SC-8383
Pilote Aventura / Explorateur / Rèfèrence 2014 - 2016 (mirrors above)7314-SC-8383
Pilote Galaxy 2015 / 20167394-SC-8383
Pilote Galaxy 2017 onwards7316-SC-8383
Rapido Serie 8F / 80 DF7390-SC-8383
Rapido Serie Distinction 2017 onwards7344-SC-8383
Rapido Serie 9F / 90F 2004 - 20107360-SC-8383
Rapido Serie 9F / 90F / 10F 2011 onwards (mirrors above)7380-SC-8383
Rapido Serie M 2020 onwards7346-SC-8383

(en) 7385-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7355-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7365-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7340-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7341-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7393-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7382-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7391-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7399-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7383-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7392-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7339-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7356-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7384-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7342-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7381-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7311-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7386-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7333-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7334-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7363-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7318-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7343-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7313-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7315-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7389-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7350-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7319-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7351-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7367-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7387-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7388-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (MC-Louis)

(en) 7388-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte (Mobilvetta)

(en) 7354-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7314-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7394-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7316-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7390-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7344-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7360-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(en) 7380-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

(En) 7346-SC-8383 Thermofenstermatte

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