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for California, Multivan and Caravelle

Inside insulation mat TRAVEL

The aluminized polyester film with a light-gray textile surface inside offers reliable protection against heat and cold as needed. The HINDERMANN inside insulation mat TRAVEL is made for vehicles with interior paneling and is delivered in a set. Installing the thermal film is easy with loops in the front, magnets on the sides and suction cups on the back window of the vehicle.

Inside insulation mat TRAVEL

(en) Form

Fits perfectly

attached quickly

Fits perfectly

Attach the window insulation in no time by fitting it between the windshield and the instrument panel and pushing the loops between the sun visors and the roof lining.

(en) Magnetbefestigung

insulating air layer

Magnetic attachment

For quick installation on the side windows, HINDERMANN inside insulation mats TRAVEL are equipped with welded-on magnets. Especially clever: On the front doors, the mats are also attached on the outer edge to the rubber door sealing creating an insulating layer of air in between.

Magnetic attachment

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • thermal film for heat and cold protection
  • perfect fit
  • quickly attached
  • six-piece set in a practical bag
  • fits California, Multivan and Caravelle

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HINDERMANN inside insulation mat TRAVEL
not suitable for vehicles without interior paneling
vehicleitem no.
VW T5 / T6 driver’s cabin three-piece8305-7435
VW T5 / T6 California five-piece, living area8350-7435
VW T5 / T6 living area, short, five-piece flap for Multivan and Caravelle with rear flap8351-7435
VW T5 / T6 living area, long, five-piece flap for Multivan and Caravelle with rear flap8352-7435

(en) 8305-7435

(en) 8350-7435

(en) 8351-7435

(en) 8352-7435

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