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for vans, alcove vehicles and semi-integrated vehicles

Exterior insulation mat FOUR SEASONS

In winter it insulates against the cold. In summer it offers an effective way of keeping sunlight out, preventing it from penetrating through the glass panes and heating up the interior. If the weather is nice, you can open the front and observe nature or the comings and goings outside the vehicle. Made of weather-resistant thermal foil with aluminium-vaporised and UV stabilized polyester film on either side.

Exterior insulation mat FOUR SEASONS Außenisoliermatte FOUR SEASONS Vans, teilintegrierte | HINDERMANN
Exterior insulation mat FOUR SEASONS Außenisoliermatte FOUR SEASONS Vans, teilintegrierte | HINDERMANN

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Door bag Außenisoliermatte FOUR SEASONS Vans, teilintegrierte | HINDERMANN

simply pull it over

Door bag

In both door areas there are inside pockets which are simply hung up on the door edges.

(en) Spiegelaussparung

fits perfectly

Mirror slot

The insulation mats are tailored to fit perfectly leaving side-view mirrors uncovered.

Mirror slot Außenisoliermatte FOUR SEASONS Vans, teilintegrierte | HINDERMANN

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Covered ventilation Außenisoliermatte FOUR SEASONS Vans, teilintegrierte | HINDERMANN

prevents cold drafts

Covered ventilation

Covered ventilation slots ensure that cold drafts remain outside.
(only available for Fiat Ducato Model 290, 2014 onwards)

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protects paintwork as well

Lashing flap

There are four lashing flaps with plastic eyelets along the bottom edge. They provide additional protection against friction on paint.

Lashing flap Außenisoliermatte FOUR SEASONS Vans, teilintegrierte | HINDERMANN

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Velcro strips Außenisoliermatte FOUR SEASONS Vans, teilintegrierte | HINDERMANN

simple but effective

Velcro strips

Lets the light back in: the exterior insulation mat can easily be opened along the practical Velcro strips.

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everything at a glance


  • the thermal foil provides insulation from the cold, heat and drafts
  • no more misted windows
  • reduces the interior temperature
  • reflects sunlight
  • protects privacy
  • outward view possible when front is open
  • rubber tensioners are always included in delivery and ensure that the front flap is secure when open
  • outer surface features special UV radiation protection
Advantages Außenisoliermatte FOUR SEASONS Vans, teilintegrierte | HINDERMANN

(en) Artikeltabelle Aussenisoliermatte Four Seasons

HINDERMANN exterior insulation mat FOUR SEASONS
vehicleitem no.
Fiat Ducato model 280 (1982 onwards)8509-7405
Fiat Ducato model 290 (1994 onwards)8509-7405
Fiat Ducato model 230 (1994 onwards)8510-7405
Fiat Ducato model 244 (2002 onwards)8510-7405
Citroёn Jumper I8510-7405
Peugeot Boxer I8510-7405
Fiat Ducato model 250 (2007 onwards) 8511-7405
Fiat Ducato model 290 (2014 onwards)8511-7405
Citroёn Jumper II8511-7405
Peugeot Boxer II8511-7405
MB Sprinter 2007 – 2017 (W906)8515-7405
MB Sprinter 2018 onwards (W907/W910)8521-7405
MB V-Klasse (447) ab 20148529-7405
Ford Transit 2000 - 2006 (5)8518-7405
Ford Transit 2006 - 2013 (6)8519-7405
Ford Transit 2014 onwards (7)8520-7405
Ford Custom (Tourneo and Transit) 2012 onwards8513-7405
Renault Master until 2010 II8522-7405
Renault Master 2010 onwards III8523-7405
VW T48525-7405
VW T5 / T68526-7405
VW Crafter 2017 onwards8524-7405
MAN TGE 2018 onwards8524-7405
Citroёn Spacetourer8528-7405
Toyota Proace 8528-7405
Peugeot Traveller8528-7405
Opel Zafira Life8528-7405

(en) 8509-7405 (Fiat 280)

(en) 8509-7405 (Fiat 290)

(en) 8510-7405 (Fiat 230)

(en) 8510-7405 (Fiat 244)

(en) 8510-7405 (Citroen I)

(en) 8510-7405 (Peugeot I)

(en) 8511-7405 (Fiat 250)

(en) 8511-7405 (Fiat 290)

(en) 8511-7405 (Citroen II)

(en) 8511-7405 (Peugeot II)

(en) 8515-7405

(en) 8521-7405

(en) 8529-7405

(en) 8518-7405

(en) 8519-7405

(en) 8520-7405

(en) 8513-7405

(en) 8522-7405

(en) 8525-7405

(en) 8526-7405

(en) 8524-7405 (VW)

(en) 8524-7405 (MAN TGE)

(en) 8523-7405

(en) 8528-7405 (Citroen)

(en) 8528-7405 (Toyota)

(en) 8528-7405 (Peugeot)

(en) 8528-7405 (Opel)

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