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for caravans and trailers

Tow bar cover

HINDERMANN’s tow bar cover offers the best protection against seasonal effects in summer and winter. The tried and true bag shape is easy to pull on and fits perfectly on any drawbar and also serves as lubricant and grease protection.

Three types of material are on offer in different sizes:

  • robust woven tarpaulin, UV-stabilized
  • robust nylon fabric, UV-stabilized
  • light PVC film, UV-stabilized
Tow bar cover Deichselhaube für Wohnwagen und Anhänger | HINDERMANN

(en) Einfassband

Binding tape Deichselhaube für Wohnwagen und Anhänger | HINDERMANN

robust protection on edges

Binding tape

HINDERMANN tow bar covers are sewn and protected on the edges with dark-blue binding tape.

(en) Gummispanner

practical attachment

Rubber tensioners

Simply fasten with the included elastic band and the tow bar cover is secure in wind and weather.

Rubber tensioners Deichselhaube für Wohnwagen und Anhänger | HINDERMANN

(en) Royalblau

Royal blue Deichselhaube für Wohnwagen und Anhänger | HINDERMANN

top-quality tarpaulin material

Royal blue

The woven tarpaulin model is also available in royal blue.

(en) Logoaufdruck

professional appearance

Printed logo

Whether for motorhome dealer, horseback-riding club or campground, starting at 100 units we print your logo on the tow bar cover using durable, high-quality professional silk-screen printing in up to three colors.

Ask us about it!

Printed logo Deichselhaube für Wohnwagen und Anhänger | HINDERMANN

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • proven bag shape, easy attachment, perfect fit
  • ideal protection against wind and weather, lubricants and grease
  • simple installation with included rubber tensioner
  • woven tarpaulin, nylon fabric, film materials, all UV-stabilized optionally available
  • sewn version, edges reinforced with binding tape 
  • optional: individual logo imprint from 100 units
Advantages Deichselhaube für Wohnwagen und Anhänger | HINDERMANN

(en) Artikeltabelle

HINDERMANN tow bar cover made of tarpaulin material
for caravans
sizecoloritem no.
12silver metallic8012-4450 SB
12royal blue8012-4550 SB
with HINDERMANN logo
silver metallic8013-4450 SB

(en) 8012-4450 SB

(en) 8012-4550 SB

(en) 8013-4450 SB

(en) Artikeltabelle

HINDERMANN tow bar cover made of nylon fabric
for caravans
sizecoloritem no.
12gray8012-2440 SB
13gray8013-2440 SB

(en) 8012-2440 SB

(en) 8013-2440 SB

(en) Artikeltabelle

HINDERMANN tow bar cover made of film material
for caravans
sizesize L x Hcoloritem no.
1288 x 61 cmsilver8012-1440 SB
1288 x 61 cmlight gray8012-1400 SB
1391 x 59 cmlight gray8013-1400 SB

(en) 8012-1440 SB silber

(en) 8012-1400 SB hellgrau

(en) 8013-1400 SB

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