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made of soft polyester wadding

Protective padding BIKE

HINDERMANN protective padding BIKE offers protection against potential abrasive damage to mounted bike covers during driving. It provides cushioning for protruding edges, such as handlebars, bike pedals or luggage racks.

Attaching the protective padding is simple: they are simply pushed on and held in place by a Velcro fastening.

Protective padding BIKE Schutzpolster BIKE für Fahrradschutzhüllen | HINDERMANN

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Handlebars Schutzpolster BIKE für Fahrradschutzhüllen | HINDERMANN

useful details


Two pads for the handlebars protect the bicycle against potential abrasive damage.

(en) Fahrradpedal

extra protection

Bike pedals

The pedal pads, each approx. 20 mm thick, protect the bicycle left and right.

Bike pedals Schutzpolster BIKE für Fahrradschutzhüllen | HINDERMANN

(en) Gepäckträgerschutz

Luggage rack protection Schutzpolster BIKE für Fahrradschutzhüllen | HINDERMANN

all around protection

Luggage rack protection

Even attaching the luggage rack protection is easily carried out by simply slipping the pads over the rack.

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • made of 20 mm thick polyester padding
  • six-piece set, two padding pieces each for handles, pedals and rack
  • set for two bicycles
  • increases service life of our protective covers
  • reduces risk of wearing or poking through


Advantages Schutzpolster BIKE für Fahrradschutzhüllen | HINDERMANN

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HINDERMANN protective padding BIKE
sizecoloritem no.
6-piece setblack9000-5190

(en) 9000-5190

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