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perfect fit

Protective cover for air conditioners

The sturdy soft leatherette cover protects the air conditioner on the roof during downtime. This way moisture, snow, sand, dust or dirt can’t harm the equipment. Manufactured to fit perfectly for a variety of models.

Protective cover for air conditioners
Protective cover for air conditioners

(en) Gummiband

Elastic band

securely mounted

Elastic band

An elastic rubber band on the bottom edge ensures a tight seal.

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • effective protection against moisture, leaves, dirt
  • robust, soft leatherette
  • elastic band for a secure hold
  • fits perfectly on a variety of models


  • cover must be removed before moving vehicle

(en) Artikeltabelle

HINDERMANN protective cover for air conditioners
cover must be removed before moving vehicle
vehicleitem no.
Dometic 1.100 – 2.6007112-3440
Iceberg 7.000 / 9.000 / 12.0007112-3440
Waeco Easy Cool 1.500 / 2.0007112-3440
Dometic Freshlight 1.600 / 2.2007121-3440
Dometic Freshjet 1.100 / 1.700 / 2.000 / 2.2007122-3440
Dometic Freshlight 3.0007127-3440
TRUMA Aventa Comfort / Eco7125-3440
TRUMA Aventa Compact / Compact plus7126-3440

(en) 7112-3440 Dometic

(en) 7112-3440 Iceberg

(en) 7112-3440 Waeco Easy

(en) 7121-3440

(en) 7122-3440

(en) 7127-3440

(en) 7125-3440

(en) 7126-3440

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