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with surrounding zipper

Protective bicycle cover PROFESSIONAL

The new HINDERMANN protective bicycle cover PROFESSIONAL was developed specifically to protect up to two bicycles during transportation on a rear platform rack on a motorhome. The box-shaped protective cover is pulled over the bicycles from above and sealed all around. To allow for easy removal and set-up of the bicycles when the protective cover is attached, the cover features an ample front flap that can be opened using the (reflective) zippers.

This means that the protective bicycle cover does not need to be removed each time and can remain on the rack.

In the middle of the bottom side is an approx. 80 cm-wide fixed bottom flap which serves as a splash guard. The cover is not sealed at the edge areas underneath the tires for easier assembly. In the bottom there is one elastic cord on the right and one on the left to enable relatively tight sealing.

There are two straps on the right and left outer sides and one strap on the top side to secure the cover. This means there is no need for any additional strapping system.

Application area: Bicycle racks on cargo carriers.

The recommended maximum speed for camper vans with bicycle racks is 90 km/h.

Protective bicycle cover PROFESSIONAL

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Tensioning straps

secured fast

Tensioning straps

The bottom tab (splash guard) can be pulled under the rails to the front and fastened by using the tensioning straps.

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well-designed solution

Rubber tensioners

The rubber tensioners keep the protective cover taut on the left and right.

Rubber tensioners

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The straps on the right and left keep the cover tightly closed. No additional strapping system is required.

(en) Maßskizze 2 E

up to 2 e-bikes



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everything at a glance


  • three-dimensional form, almost fully closed cover
  • robust polyester fabric with high-quality PU coating
  • bottom flap made of robust woven tarpaulin functions as splash shield
  • reflecting zippers
  • built-in elastic band with integrated belt system
  • extra plates and lights remain visible
  • Application area: Bicycle racks on cargo carriers
  • Warning: Attaching the protective cover to cars is not permitted!


(en) Link: Schutzpolster BIKE

Protective padding BIKE

practical accessory

Protective padding BIKE

Protects against potential abrasive damage to mounted bike protective covers.

Item no. 9000-5190

Protective padding BIKE

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HINDERMANN protective bicycle cover PROFESSIONAL
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up to 2 e-bikesgray8480-2460

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