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high-quality, cushioned sandwich material

Hail protection cover for satellite dish

Weatherproof, flexible and with an extra layer that absorbs impact, the HINDERMANN hail protection cover safeguards the satellite dish against hailstorms. In addition, the surface of the satellite antennae is protected against UV radiation and becomes brittle less quickly. For TV reception, the cover can stay in place.

Fits all models.

Hail protection cover for satellite dish
Hail protection cover for satellite dish

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Rubber band

secure hold

Rubber band

The hail protection cover has a box form, has padded sides and is quickly attached with the rubber band.

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easy handling

Locking hook

Simply pull it over, hook in elastic band, finished!

Locking hook

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everything at a glance


  • 14 mm sandwich material absorbs impact
  • imitation leather, PVC foam, polyester padding, Tyvek®
  • protects against hail, insulates, reduces noise
  • reception possible, with cover in place
  • elastic band, plastic hooks


  • cover must be removed before moving vehicle

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HINDERMANN hail protection cover for satellite dish
sizeitem no.
approx. 505 × 505 mm for KATHREIN BAS 60 / 657139-4480
approx. 535 × 535 mm for CARO7138-4480

(en) 7139-4480

(en) 7138-4480

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