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high-quality sandwich material

Hail protection cover for roof windows

Specially for hail protection, 14 mm thick sandwich material: On the outside the gray imitation leather pits itself against rough weather conditions, while underneath the combination of fully porous PVC foam combined with insulating polyester padding protects against impact, heat and noise. The inner surface is made with extra soft and gentle Tyvek®.

Selection for HEKI models.

Hail protection cover for roof windows

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Elastic band

secure hold

Elastic band

Installing HINDERMANN’s insulating hail protection for skylights is easy thanks to the elastic band along the edge. Velcro strips on the corners additionally secure the cover without affecting necessary ventilation.

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everything at a glance


  • high-quality, 14 mm sandwich material
  • imitation leather, PVC foam, polyester padding, Tyvek®
  • protects against hail, insulates, reduces noise
  • elastic band, Velcro straps
  • customized for HEKI models


  • cover must be removed before moving vehicle

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HINDERMANN hail protection cover for roof windows
cover must be removed before moving vehicle
sizeitem no.
HEKI 1+2+3+4 (universal)7140-3416
HEKI Mini S / Airquad7142-3416
HEKI Midi7143-3416
HEKI Midi Style7144-3416

(en) 7140-3416

(en) 7142-3416

(en) 7143-3416

(en) 7144-3416

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