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for vans, alcove vehicles and semi-integrated vehicles

Front tarpaulin WINTERTIME

The HINDERMANN front tarpaulin WINTERTIME is made of breathable SFS-3 material. The tarpaulin is made in a single unit and is easy to fasten. It is simply hooked into the door edges while doors are slightly ajar and tensioned.

All outer edges are carefully hemmed. The lashing flaps are equipped with reliable additional potection against friction on the paintwork.

Rubber tensioners are included in delivery.

Front tarpaulin WINTERTIME
Front tarpaulin WINTERTIME

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Mirror slot

fits perfectly

Mirror slot

Mirror slots are tailored to the vehicle and guarantee a perfect fit.

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simply pull it over

Door bag

In both door areas there are inside pockets which are simply hung up on the door edges.

Door bag

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Lashing flap

protects paintwork as well

Lashing flap

There are lashing flaps with plastic eyelets along the bottom edge. They provide additional protection against friction on paint.

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everything at a glance


  • protects against drafts and dirt
  • durable and water-resistant
  • breathable and light
  • attached with door pockets, snug fit

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for vans, alcove vehicles and semi-integrated vehicles
vehiclecoloritem no.
Fiat Ducato model 250 (2007 onwards) gray7018-5550
Fiat Ducato model 290 (2014 onwards)gray7018-5550
Citroёn Jumper IIgray7018-5550
Peugeot Boxer IIgray7018-5550

(en) 7018-5550 (Fiat 250)

(en) 7018-5550 (Fiat 290)

(en) 7018-5550 (Citroen II)

(en) 7018-5550 (Peugeot II)

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