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for caravans

Front tarpaulin WINTERTIME

In winter, the HINDERMANN front tarpaulin WINTERTIME keeps the bottle compartment free of ice and snow and prevents any potential drafts. The tarpaulin is attached using feed-in piping and eyelets on the lower edge for tensioning (rubber tensioners are included in delivery).

Front tarpaulin WINTERTIME  Bugschutzplane WINTERTIME Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

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Zipper Bugschutzplane WINTERTIME Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

useful details


The front tarpaulin can be easily opened with the built-in zipper.

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easy handling

Rubber tensioners

Built-in eyelets make lashing down easy with rubber tensioners.

Rubber tensioners Bugschutzplane WINTERTIME Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

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Velcro fastening Bugschutzplane WINTERTIME Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

additional safety

Velcro fastening

The additional Velcro fastening on the top edge prevents water from flowing under the tarpaulin and keeps the front free of ice and snow.

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everything at a glance


  • breathable
  • fastening is carried out via feed-in piping
  • rubber tensioners are included in delivery
Advantages Bugschutzplane WINTERTIME Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

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