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made of Tyvek® for caravans

Front tarpaulin SUPRA

The universal-fit HINDERMANN front tarpaulin SUPRA is made of breathable and tried and tested TYVEK® material. It protects the interior from sunlight and in winter protects the bottle crates from snow and icing over as well as preventing any potential drafts. The protective tarpaulin features a textile keder with a diameter of 7 mm which is simply pulled into the keder track; eyelets at the bottom edge are used for tensioning.

Rubber tensioners are included in delivery.

Front tarpaulin SUPRA Bugschutzplane SUPRA für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

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Rubber tensioners Bugschutzplane SUPRA für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

easy handling

Rubber tensioners

Built-in eyelets make lashing down easy with rubber tensioners.

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  • also usable on the rear side
  • protects the interior from sunlight
  • breathable
  • simply pull into keder track and lash down via eyelets at the lower edge
Advantages Bugschutzplane SUPRA für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

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HINDERMANN front tarpaulin SUPRA
made of Tyvek®
size (WxH)coloritem no.
140 × 160 cmgray8984-5440
180 × 160 cmgray8986-5440
200 × 160 cmgray8987-5440
240 × 160 cmgray8988-5440
240 × 200 cm gray8989-5440

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(en) 8986-5440

(en) 8987-5440

(en) 8988-5440

(en) 8989-5440

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