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padded storage

Storage space bag PREMIUM

Compared with the standard version, HINDERMANN’s padded storage space bag PREMIUM has two additional middle walls. This way, your camping furniture is always easily accessible and can be stored at night or when traveling on in its regular place in the vehicle.

Thanks to its clever features with straps and LOXX press studs, HINDERMANN’s storage space bag can be attached in the rear garage or transported as needed.

Storage space bag PREMIUM Stauraumtasche PREMIUM für die Heckgarage | HINDERMANN

(en) Fächer

Compartments Stauraumtasche PREMIUM für die Heckgarage | HINDERMANN

well-protected all around


Thanks to padded middle walls, the HINDERMANN storage bag PREMIUM offers three compartments, in which camping furniture can be kept separately and protected against scratching during travel.

(en) LOXX-Druckknöpfe

securely fastened

LOXX press studs

With the included LOXX press studs, the five built-in straps can be attached either to the left or right walls of the rear garage. The bag must be situated on the floor and can’t be installed suspended in air.

LOXX press studs Stauraumtasche PREMIUM für die Heckgarage | HINDERMANN

(en) Tragegriff

Carrying strap Stauraumtasche PREMIUM für die Heckgarage | HINDERMANN

transportable storage space

Carrying strap

With the sturdy carrying strap, the storage bag is easy to hold. Camping furniture can be transported easily and brought to the sitting area.

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • cushioned storage bag, padded compartments
  • protects camping furniture against getting scratched
  • padded, robust, black polyester fabric
  • included LOXX press studs allow attachment in rear garage
  • for use on right or left side of vehicle
  • quick at hand, easy handling via zippers
  • enforced carrying straps for transport
Advantages Stauraumtasche PREMIUM für die Heckgarage | HINDERMANN

(en) Artikeltabelle

HINDERMANN storage space bag PREMIUM
padded compartments
size (LxWxH)contentitem no.
116 × 30 × 66 cm2 padded compartment walls for 3 compartments
incl. 6 LOXX press studs (loosely enclosed)
without net pocket

(en) 8821-2355

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LOXX press studs
replacement set
contentitem no.
1 pack / 5 LOXX units8952-0000

(en) 8952-0000

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