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can also be worn as a backpack

Storage bag

For the safe storage and convenient transportation of HINDERMANN products, e.g. thermal mats, bike protective covers (e.g. size 2), SUPRA vehicle tarpaulins made of Tyvek® and much more. With sewn-in draw cord and stopper for closing. These universal HINDERMANN storage bags ensure you always have everything at hand and can transport your items conveniently.

With its compact dimensions, size 1 can be worn as a backpack, while shopping, for sports or on holiday. The bag is closed with a drawstring and stopper.

Storage bag Aufbewahrungsbeutel für Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen, PKW | HINDERMANN
Storage bag Aufbewahrungsbeutel für Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen, PKW | HINDERMANN

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Selection Aufbewahrungsbeutel für Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen, PKW | HINDERMANN

breathable material


HINDERMANN storage bags are made of breathable PP fleece material and are available in four sizes.

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • protected storage, easy transport
  • breathable PP fleece material
  • built-in cord and stopper for closing
  • universal sizes
  • ideally suitable for HINDERMANN products
  • can also be carried as a backpack
Advantages Aufbewahrungsbeutel für Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen, PKW | HINDERMANN

(en) Artikeltabelle

HINDERMANN storage bag
itemcolorsizeitem no.
backpacklight grayapprox. 30 x 40 cm8870-5410
protective bike covers with draw cordslight grayapprox. 45 x 60 cm 8871-5410
for thermal mats with draw cordslight grayapprox. 60 x 150 cm 8872-5410
for thermal mat undersections
+ protective roof tarpaulins with draw cords
light grayapprox. 73 x 170 cm 8873-5410

(en) 8870-5410

(en) 8871-5410

(en) 8872-5410

(en) 8873-5410

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