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made of soft leatherette

Monitor cover

The soft textile interior protects the monitor against scratches. Practical not only in your vehicle, but also in the home office.

Monitor cover Monitorhülle für Flachbildschirme | HINDERMANN
Monitor cover Monitorhülle für Flachbildschirme | HINDERMANN

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Elastic bands Monitorhülle für Flachbildschirme | HINDERMANN

securely fastened

Elastic bands

For a better grip, the elastic bands attach the bottom corners to the monitor.

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everything at a glance


  • dust protection made of soft imitation leather
  • soft fabric inside
  • protects monitor against scratches
  • color: cream
  • universal fit according to internal dimensions
Advantages Monitorhülle für Flachbildschirme | HINDERMANN

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HINDERMANN monitor cover
for flat screens
sizeitem no.
50 × 4 × 42 cm7817-3740
55 × 4 × 42 cm7818-3740
45 × 4 × 42 cm7820-3740

(en) 7817-3740

(en) 7818-3740

(en) 7820-3740

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