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front with zipper

Hanging wardrobe

In HINDERMANN’s hanging wardrobe you can carefully store your clothes in the awning or at home.

Hung up on a tent rod, open shelf or clothes rack, the hanging wardrobe creates an airy, but dust-free, closed-off storage space where clothes can kept separate from other gear. Garments can be hung on the integrated clothes rail.

Hanging wardrobe Kleiderhängeschrank für Wohnmobile und Wohnwagen | HINDERMANN

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Ventilation Kleiderhängeschrank für Wohnmobile und Wohnwagen | HINDERMANN

functional details


Aside from the breathable nonwoven material, the wardrobe’s ventilation opening is another convincing feature.

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practical, flexible attachment

Hanger loops

The hanging wardrobe can be easily hung with two sturdy hanger loops and Velcro fasteners onto horizontal bars.

Hanger loops Kleiderhängeschrank für Wohnmobile und Wohnwagen | HINDERMANN

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everything at a glance


  • well-organized and orderly in RV and awning
  • breathable and sturdy non-woven-material
  • hanger loops with Velcro fastener
  • flexible side walls
  • including built-in ventilation mesh and inside clothes rail
Advantages Kleiderhängeschrank für Wohnmobile und Wohnwagen | HINDERMANN

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HINDERMANN hanging wardrobe
incl. clothes rail
sizeitem no.
approx. 120 x 35 x 55 cm7816-GL03

(en) 7816-GL03

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