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easy to clean

Carry bag for waste tanks

This HINDERMANN carry bag can be used not only for the discrete transport of the waste tank at the campsite. Because of its new near watertight design, the bag can also be used as a beach bag for wet items, e.g. towels or children’s toys.

Carry bag for waste tanks
Carry bag for waste tanks

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discrete transport


Available in two sizes. Ideal for transporting toilet cassettes, but also for storing second cassette in the vehicle.

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everything at a glance


  • allows discrete handling of toilet cassette
  • with handle for storage and transport
  • made of light tarpaulin
  • waterproof version
  • washable inside and out

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HINDERMANN carry bag for waste tanks
and for other storage options
designinside dimensionsitem no.
for C 200 + 250approx. 35 × 26 × 45 cm7106-4441
for C 400approx. 23 × 23 × 63 cm7107-4441

(en) 7106-4441

(en) 7107-4441

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