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with an adjustable shoulder strap

All-rounder bag

Not only is this shoulder bag the perfect travel accessory for excursions, it’s also useful for shopping, safe storage of cables and monitors, or even on the way to the office. The HINDERMANN all-rounder bag is perfect for transporting toys too.

From experience these bags can also be used to store screens and monitors otherwise kept in the motorhome/caravan. That’s why, in addition to the bag size, we also provide the size in screen inches. Special flat protective bags are available for flatscreens with fold-in bases too.

The bags are padded and offer the perfect protection against dust, moisture and impact. The cover flap is closed using a centrally positioned Velcro fastening.

All-rounder bag Allroundtasche mit innenliegender Polsterung | HINDERMANN

(en) Tragegurt

Shoulder strap Allroundtasche mit innenliegender Polsterung | HINDERMANN


Shoulder strap

The carrying strap is individually adjustable.

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • robust, black nylon fabric with inside padding
  • safeguards against dust, moisture, impact, scratches
  • universal sizes, also suitable for monitors
  • flap with Velcro
  • enforced floor, adjustable shoulder strap


Advantages Allroundtasche mit innenliegender Polsterung | HINDERMANN

(en) Artikeltabelle

HINDERMANN all-rounder bag
interior diameter (WxH)e.g. for monitorsitem no.
54 × 7 × 41 cm22 inch flat8859-2380
54 × 7 / 18 × 41 cm 22 inch with stand 8869-2380
60 × 7 × 44 cm24 inch flat8858-2380
60 × 7 / 18 × 44 cm 24 inch with stand 8868-2380

(en) 8859-2380

(en) 8869-2380

(en) 8858-2380

(en) 8868-2380

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