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Thermal velour set

Extensive DIY set for outfitting on your own: This high-quality thermal material is reflective and aluminized on the outside, has an insulating 8 mm PU foam inner layer and a comfortable surface towards the inside of the vehicle.

The material can be cut to the right size with scissors or a knife and has proven itself for years in HINDERMANN’s thermal curtains. Ideal for window mats, coverings or thermo-insulation under sleeping areas.

Film for creating a template and binding tape as well as suction cups are included in the set.

Thermal velour set
Thermal velour set

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HINDERMANN thermal velour set
content (complete set)size (thermal velour)coloritem no.
Thermal velour, approx. 350 x 148 cm
15 big suction cups á ø 40 mm
20 m binding tape made of polyester material
film for creating a template
approx. 350 x 148 cmlight gray7352-7430

(en) 7352-7430

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