(en) Produktbeschreibung mit Bildern

covered with polyester fabric


For your own creations and repairs, we have a large selection of keders covered with polyester fabric with the exception of PVC keders. Awning, protective film or floor skirt materials can be sewn on with regular sewing machines.  A diameter of 7 mm usually fits on every keder track. Special types such as double keders are useful, for example, for adapting solutions.

Especially practical: In the multifunctional keder (item no. 8969-6450), plastic eyelets are built in for universal usage. Small items can be hung up on it with an s-shaped hook (not included in delivery).

Keder Keder für Zelte und Planen an Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen | HINDERMANN

(en) Keder und Schiene

Keder and keder track Keder für Zelte und Planen an Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen | HINDERMANN

fastening alternatives

Keder and keder track

Special demands in DIY conversion occasionally require special solutions. In our example, the keder track has been glued on afterwards. The keder itself is equipped with Velcro and attached to its track to install a thermal mat.

(en) Stabilität

gives form strength


When a keder is built into a tarpaulin or its edge, it provides additional strength for its surface and form.

Stability Keder für Zelte und Planen an Wohnmobil, Wohnwagen | HINDERMANN

(en) Artikeltabelle

productsize (bead x flag)colorlengthitem no.
PVC keder7 x 25 mmsilver6 m8953-6460 / 6
textile keder7 x 25 mmwhite3 m8951-6300
textile keder7 x 25 mmwhite6 m8952-6300
textile keder7 x 25 mmwhite12 m8953-6300
textile keder7 x 25 mmgray3 m8951-6450
textile keder7 x 25 mmgray6 m 8952-6450
textile keder7 x 25 mmgray12 m 8953-6450
awning keder5 x 22 mmwhite6 m 8957-6300
double keder7,0 / 3,5 x 42 mmgray6 m 8959-6460 / 6
double keder7,0 / 3,5 x 42 mmgray12 m8959-6460 / 12

(en) 8953-6460 / 6

(en) 8951-6300

(en) 8952-6300

(en) 8953-6300

(en) 8951-6450

(en) 8952-6450

(en) 8953-6450

(en) 8957-6300

(en) 8959-6460 / 6

(en) 8959-6460/12

(en) Artikeltabelle

rolled goods
productsize (bead x flag)colorlengthitem no.
PVC keder7,0 x 25 mmsilver100 m8953-6460/100
PVC double keder7,0 / 7,0 x 15 mmsilver50 m 8956-6460
textile keder5,0 x 22 mmwhite50 m8966-6300
textile keder7,0 x 25 mmwhite100 m 8960-6300
textile keder7,0 x 25 mmgray50 m 8963-6450

(En) 8953-6460/100

(en) 8956-6460

(en) 8966-6300

(en) 8960-6300

(en) 8963-6450

(en) Artikeltabelle

multi functional keder
productsize (bead x flag)colorlengthitem no.
textile keder
multi functional
7,0 mm diametergray2 m8969-6450

(en) 8969-6450

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