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water runs off better

Gable profiles

HINDERMANN’s gable profiles for RVs and motorhomes allow water to run off protective covers or roof tarpaulins by preventing pooling and rain build-up on the roof.

The gable height of approx. 26 cm creates an overhang protecting skylights and antennas. The two-part gable profile with dovetail connection is made of weather-proof, hard PE foam that doesn’t absorb water. It is fastened together in the middle, each end stabilized with four feet.

Gable profiles
Gable profiles

(en) Luftzirkulation

universal roof structure

Air circulation

HINDERMANN’s gable profiles are suitable for caravan and camper van roofs alike. Even when a breathable protective cover is installed, they improve air circulation and prevent waterlogging.

Air circulation

(en) Verwendung

Flexible solution

as needed

Flexible solution

The placement and number of gable profiles are variable depending on your specific needs.

(en) Führungsstange

additional stability

Guide rods

Thanks to the holes at the ends (Ø 25 mm), the gable profiles can be connected with guide rods (not included), additionally stabilizing the roof structure.

Guide rods

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HINDERMANN gable profiles
used for protective covers and roof tarpaulins
contentmounted sizeitem no.
2 units (only delivered in pairs)approx. 210 × 26 × 4,4 cm9956-0000

(en) 9956-0000

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