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individually combinable

Storage skirts

HINDERMANN’s storage skirts are a practical solution for RV owners who enjoy creating their own organizational system. The individual elements can be freely chosen and combined, also with HINDERMANN’s wheel area covers and customized covers. Whether it’s pockets, caravan cellar or lowered door entry, the extra storage space also protects against drafts.

Storage skirts Organizerschürze für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

(en) Stauraum

Storage space Organizerschürze für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

combine as you wish

Storage space

The three-pocket version creates 90 cm of practical storage space.

(en) Aufbewahrung

freely combinable

More order

Well-organized with the 120 cm long five-pocket version.

More order Organizerschürze für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

(en) Lückenfüller

Fills gaps Organizerschürze für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

closed floor skirt

Fills gaps

The fabric-enforced, winterproof tarpaulin material is attached at the top by a welded-on textile keder, at the bottom fastened with reinforced PVC eyelets and tent pegs. A 100 cm long intermediate element enables a completely closed floor skirt.

(en) Abschlusselemente

side barrier

Closing elements

For closing the sides on the left and right. The closing elements are delivered in pairs.

Closing elements Organizerschürze für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

(en) Klettverschluss

Velcro fastening Organizerschürze für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

simply connect them

Velcro fastening

Every element is equipped on the front right with the hooked Velcro band and on the back left with the wooly one for easy and individual assembly.

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • increased storage space, protection against drafts
  • large selection, combine individually
  • fabric-enforced, winterproof tarpaulin material
  • easy to install thanks to Velcro fastening strips
  • textile keder, reinforced PVC eyelets for secure fastening
  • compatible with HINDERMANN wheel area covers and fitted covers
Advantages Organizerschürze für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

(en) Artikeltabelle

HINDERMANN storage skirts
descriptionlengthheightitem no.
closing elements without pockets, only delivered in pairs40 cm50 cm7219-4440
wheel area cover for trailers with six pockets85 cm88 cm7211-4440
three-pocket element90 cm50 cm7213-4440
short element for caravan cellar100 cm50 cm7216-4440
middle element without pockets100 cm50 cm7214-4440
element for lowered door entry105 cm50 cm7217-4440
five-pocket element120 cm50 cm7215-4440

(en) 7219-4440

(en) 7211-4440

(en) 7213-4440

(en) 7215-4440

(en) 7216-4440

(en) 7214-4440

(en) 7217-4440

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