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well-protected through the winter

Caravan bottom front protection

Protects the bottom front of caravans from ice and snow. The robust tarpaulin is winterproof and features a protective coating. Three universal sizes, special model for Knaus.

Caravan bottom front protection Flaschenkastenabdeckung für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

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Rounded edges Flaschenkastenabdeckung für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

exclusively for Knaus

Rounded edges

Three-dimensionally manufactured edges optimize the fit for Knaus models Südwind/Südwind Exclusive.

(en) Keder

securely fastened


For a seamless connection to the caravan, HINDERMANN’s trailer bottom front protection simply slides with its welded-on keder into the keder track.

Keder Flaschenkastenabdeckung für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

(en) Abspannlaschen

Lashing cords Flaschenkastenabdeckung für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

including surface protection

Lashing cords

To protect surfaces from friction, there are small protective flaps with reinforced eyelets attached. They can be attached to the caravan with the included elastic cords.

(en) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • protects from icing over or snow
  • winterproof, robust woven tarpaulin
  • welded-on keder and protective flaps
  • four elastic cords


  • cover must be removed before moving vehicle
Advantages Flaschenkastenabdeckung für Wohnwagen und Caravan | HINDERMANN

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HINDERMANN caravan bottom front protection
for KNAUS Südwind
sizecoloritem no.
150 × 90 cmwhite8992-4300
165 × 75 cmwhite8993-4300
200 × 90 cmwhite8994-4300
KNAUS Südwind / Südwind Exklusive (width 2,30 m)white8995-4300
KNAUS Südwind (width 2,50 m)white8996-4300

(en) 8992-4300

(en) 8993-4300

(en) 8994-4300

(en) 8995-4300

(en) 8996-4300

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