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for HINDERMANN thermal window mat LUX / CLASSIC

Supplementary insert solar module

Simply lay them on the windshield instead of the roof: The supplementary insert is attached with Velcro strips inside the window opening of the outer insulation mat. Then, place the solar modules easily on top.

Supplementary insert solar module  Ergänzungseinsatz Solarmodul LUX / CLASSIC | HINDERMANN
Supplementary insert solar module  Ergänzungseinsatz Solarmodul LUX / CLASSIC | HINDERMANN

(en) Ecktaschen

Corner pockets Ergänzungseinsatz Solarmodul LUX / CLASSIC | HINDERMANN

cleverly attached

Corner pockets

Flexibly attachable corner pockets and vertical Velcro strips guarantee that different-sized solar modules can be mounted and attached securely.

(en) Sichtbarkeit

quickly covered


In case the installed solar module needs to be covered from sight or for the coming night, the front flap of the insulation mat can simply be closed.

Visibility Ergänzungseinsatz Solarmodul LUX / CLASSIC | HINDERMANN

(en) Thermofolie

Thermal film Ergänzungseinsatz Solarmodul LUX / CLASSIC | HINDERMANN

insulating insert

Thermal film

The HINDERMANN supplementary insert is made of sturdy thermal material with 10mm thick insulation on the inside.

(En) Klettverbindung

securely mounted

Fastened with Velcro

In addition to the corner pockets, two robust Velcro strips hold the solar module securely on the supplementary insert.

Fastened with Velcro  Ergänzungseinsatz Solarmodul LUX / CLASSIC | HINDERMANN

(En) Vorteile

everything at a glance


  • insulating sandwich material (water and winter resistant PVC tarpaulin outside/10 mm polyester)
  •  insulation/light gray PE fabric inside
  • corner pockets and Velcro strips for positioning and fastening
  • panel can also remain mounted when mat is closed.
  • burglary protection
  • works in combination with HINDERMANN thermal window mat LUX/CLASSIC
  • solar module is not included in delivery
Advantages Ergänzungseinsatz Solarmodul LUX / CLASSIC | HINDERMANN

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Supplementary insert solar module
prepared for solar modulesversatile usageitem no.
Flat Light MT 110 FL
Travel Line MT SM 50 TL
Basic Travel Line BT SM 1200
1.120 × 540 mm
1.256 × 432 mm
1.510 × 560 mm

(en) 7931-SO1-2410

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